Kids’ Movies – Is Your Child Too Young to Watch Some Kids’ Movies?

Today, I am going to share with you a topic that’s not related to violins or music. It’s going to be different. As you can see from the title, it’s about whether your kids are too young to watch certain kid’s movies. As you already know, I have 2 kids and would like to share you some experience about this topic today.

With children’s movie reaching to a more complicated themes, it is crucial that you check whether the movie is too young for your kids. How can you know if it’s suitable for your kids?

Here are a few checklist you can check:

  • If your children are afraid of strange animated creatures in their books, then it is assumed that creature in movies will rather scary for them.
  • If your children shows any signs of anxiety following episodes of kids’ cartoon. For example, Dora the Explorer, then they are not ready to watch kid’s movie.
  • If your children finds that loud noises are uncomfortable, then the action-packed kids movies are not suitable.

The best way to test is to start with a film that is usually more than thirty minutes but shorter than a full-length children’s movie ( 90 minutes).

First, you can check if your child can sit comfortably without interruption throughout the movie. After that, choose a movie that the villain is not that evil-looking and check how your kid is reacting to the movie.

o If your child finds loud noises off-putting or uncomfortable, then the action-packed movies may not be a good step forward.

One way to test your theory out is to start off with a film which is a little longer than a regular episode (30 mins) but shorter than a full-length feature film (90 mins).

By doing this method, you can know what movie you can show to your kids.

If you are tired of lazy to know what movies to should show to your kids, here’s a solution for you. I highly recommend you guys try out this kid’s movie called Moana.

That’s all for now. Please share your opinion about this movie in the comment section below. I’ll be sharing other violin tips in my next post. Stay tuned.